Personalized Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set - Engrave Your Dog's Name!

Collar and leash set


This customizable leash and collar set will allow you to feel good walking your dog out of the house. The option to engrave your dog's name and your phone number on the collar will help in case your furry friend gets lost and needs to find it's way back home. Built with high-quality materials, this leash and collar set is padded in order to not only be comfortable for your dog but for you as well! Made out of real leather, the finish looks really good and you can see and feel the quality of the product!  

  • Genuine leather and High-Quality materials! This leather collar and leash set are made only with high-quality materials and real leather to provide comfort and style to your dog!
  • Good for training and city walking. The leash is 1,20m which is perfect for training, taking strolls around the city and keeping your dog close to you! 
  • Custom dog collar. You can have your dog's name engraved onto the collar alongside your phone number to make sure to get reunited with your pup' if he ever gets lost!
  • Cool look! This cool dog collar is available in different colors to suit your needs and wants.  Your puppy will look amazing in this nice dog collar! 

The leash is 1,20m which is better for training and city walking.  


Please make sure to get the right measurements for your dog with the help

of our chart below! 

mesurement chart for leash set and collar for medium, small and large dog dogs pet supply

front and back of leather leash collar set for small medium and large dogs dog pet supply

Green leash and collar leather custom personalized set for small, medium and large dogs

beagle dog with leather leash and collar custom personalized set dog dogs pet supply


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