"My Home" with Ears Cat Bed

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This cat house is absolutely puuurrrrfect for kitty! It will litteraly feel like "a Home" to him. 


  • 2 in 1. The product is a house and a cat bed at the same time,  the comfortable cushion inside allows your cat to feel and sleep well!
  • Perked ears on top! Really, only because it is so cute!  
  • Detachable mat. Cleaning up the house doesn't have to be so hard!  With the detachable mat, you can just take off the mat and wash it without having to clean up the whole thing! 
  • Gives a sense of privacy and security to your pet. Just like humans,  pets do enjoy some privacy and love to feel safe, especially when they sleep!  This house is designed to give your pet both of those things!  
  • 30 days refund policy. Because we are so sure you will love our products,  our 30 days refund policy gives you the security of buying with us. 

The house is available in only one size which should be big enough to fit most cats!


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