Super Soft Warm Knitted Dog Hoodie



Keep your dog warm for the colder days!  This dog hoodie is made for comfort and style, made of comfortable and soft wool that even you would want to wear!  Your puppy will look so cute and you will know that even during the cold winter time he will stay safe and wam.  

Available in four colors : Red, Green, Blue and Purple!  

Please refer to our size chart below in order to get the best fit for your pup! 

1. Material: the coat adopt the soft and comfortable wool yarn to make, which is high-quality and durable, and the sweater has a long service life and is harmless for pets to provide the best user experience.
2. Design: the simple appearance and fashion style are perfect to decorate all types of dogs and suitable for all occasions. Dogs can become more beautiful and handsome after on the coat, and you can show your different taste of fashion.
3. Easy to Wear: the pullover design can let you feel easy to wear clothes for dogs, and dog can also feel comfortable so that they will be willing to wear it, and it\'s not easy for dogs to get rid of coats by themselves.
4. Warmth: the hoodie sweater can keep dogs warm on the cold days. It can help dogs get away from the coldness when you walk them in winter.
5. Hygiene: the big mouth of the tail and perineum can promise the dogs will not dirty the coat when they go to the toilet, which is accessible to wash easily.
6. Light Weight: the craft is exquisite and the moderate thickness can let dog not feel tight and can act more freely without feeling tired.
7. More Choices: there are four colors, and you can choose one or more according to your thoughts and demands.



Size(XS,back,neck,chest):5.91"/15 cm,7.87"/20 cm,10.24"/26 cm
Size(S,back,neck,chest):7.09"/18 cm,8.66"/22 cm,11.81"/30 cm
Size(M,back,neck,chest):9.06"/23 cm,9.45"/24 cm,13.39"/34 cm
Size(L,back,neck,chest): 11.02"/28 cm,11.02"/28 cm,15.75"/40 cm
Size(XL,back,neck,chest):12.99"/33 cm,11.81"/30 cm,17.32"/44 cm
Size(XXL,back,neck,chest):14.96"/38 cm,13.39"/34 cm,19.69"/50 cm

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